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About Joe Feloni

A Musician that plays to your heart as well as your ears.

Joe Feloni is a Boston based Guitarist, Song Writer, Producer and Educator and has been an integral player in the Boston scene for over 33 years. Joe has played in many bands over the years as well as being a solo artist, playing his Instrumental Rock/New Age guitar music. His style consists of many influences combining Blues, Country, Rock, Folk, Funk, Classical, R&B and Jazz to put together a diverse catalogue of solo material as well as accompanying many artists as a side man in the studio and/or live in these diverse styles. Joe is currently working with local Boston music scene rock icon Hirsh Gardener from the 80s band New England, producing and writing with new up and coming talent as well as teaching guitar and music theory to students locally and abroad.He is also working with Boston Bass extraordinaire Tony Puleo writing material for a new instrumental project called "Dig Battere."

Joe’s guitar playing is a mixture of strong melody, technique and emotion that not only hits you in your ears but resonates straight to your heart.

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Contact Joe Feloni

Guitarist, Producer/Mixer, Songwriter, Educator


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Joe Uses And Endorses These Products


Joe uses GHS Strings on all his guitars. He uses gauges ranging from 8-38 , 9-42, 9-46 depending on tunings. On acoustic Joe uses light gauge.

Joe uses Tsunami Cable for all his cable needs.

Joe plays G&L Comanche Tribute. It's just the greatest single coil strat tone machine you can find! Leo Fender’s final word on the traditional double-cutaway bolt-on axe.

Joe uses Rocktron ValveSonic

Black Plate+ and Plexi Preamps

Joe Plays Carlino Inertia Guitars and exclusively uses Carlino Custom Guitar Straps.

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